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How Do I Know If I Need Therapy? by Maija Kappler - “Most of us have relationships that are in need of some rehab, and most of us have some habits or behaviours that we would like to shift or change,” Toronto-based psychotherapist Bronwyn Singleton …”

What To Do If You Can't Afford A Therapist by Maija Kappler - "Some people do better than others with this self-directed learning, but knowledge is power," ways Dr. Bronwyn Singleton, a Toronto-based therapist. "There is an abundance of therapeutic and/or self help literature, lectures, courses, workbooks and worksheets available either free online or for a fraction of the cost of even one individual session."

Jealous Of Your Partner's Best Friend? Here's What To Do by Maija Kappler - “The first part of the answer, says Toronto-based therapist Bronwyn Singleton, is what you should do in almost any situation where you feel overwhelmed by a particular emotion: just sit with your jealousy and try to understand it. …”

Is It Normal To Check On Your Ex's Activity? by Maija Kappler - "Let's face it, it's irresistible," says Dr. Bronwyn Singleton, a (very honest!) Toronto psychotherapist who specializes in relationship issues. "I'd love to say 'just don't do it,' but that doesn't seem realistic in this day and age." And yet: "in almost any breakup, it would be better to not be following each other on social media anymore."

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My Painful Attempt at Treating My Depression Through Online Therapy by Graham Isador - “I think apps could risk being alienating for people who lack human connection,” said Singleton. “In terms of a larger cultural critique, I don’t think therapy should be a disembodied experience, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned.”

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Bronwyn Singleton
Ph.D. and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Bronwyn’s mission is to help her clients build and enjoy better relationships with themselves (first) and those who matter most to them. Clients learn to develop the skills that allow them to nurture more satisfying connections and to create a more authentic, joyful and fulfilling life.

Bronwyn’s training as a Registered Psychotherapist coupled with her PH.D., specializing in philosophy of love and sex, phenomenology, and psychoanalysis, affords her a unique and elevated perspective which she generously shares with her clients in their pursuit for living a satiated existence.

Bronwyn has also held several undergraduate teaching positions at the University of Toronto and has worked as a writer and editor.

Connect with Bronwyn to book her as a speaker for your event, podcast or talk show, as a guest contributor to your blog or to be interviewed as a subject matter expert on relationships.